About Megan @ 609 media

"...my love of connecting with people, 
marketing and selling products,
growing businesses and
social media came together.
609 Media was born."

About Megan @ 609 media

"...my love of connecting with people, 
marketing products,
growing businesses
& social media came together &
609 media was born"

Meet Megan Flanagan, a passionate communications expert and the founder of 609 Media, a thriving social media marketing company. With over 11 years of experience in various planning and buying roles at QVC, Megan's love for connecting with people, marketing products, and growing businesses converged to give birth to her entrepreneurial venture, 609 Media.

Megan's dynamic career in retail has taken her across the globe, immersing her in the vibrant cultures of cities like New York, London, Hawaii, and San Francisco. The lightning-paced environment of QVC, coupled with her diverse retail experiences, has honed Megan's skills and equipped her to excel in her current role.

Drawing inspiration from her passion for technology, travel, fashion, and music, Megan thrives on forging meaningful connections with people. She is driven by a desire to help small to mid-size businesses, brands, and individuals strategize, execute, and manage their social media presence effectively.

In addition to her work at 609 Media, Megan serves as a dedicated coach for The Social Clique, Rachel Pedersen's esteemed mastermind program catering to 6-7 figure entrepreneurs. Through her coaching, Megan empowers female entrepreneurs, imparting valuable knowledge in sales, social media marketing, and confidence-building.

Megan's journey as an entrepreneur began in 2014 when she faced a significant career setback and was laid off from her position at QVC. This pivotal moment inspired her to create her own path to success and build her wealth through entrepreneurship. Determined to share her knowledge and experiences, Megan has made it her mission to guide and support other women on their entrepreneurial journeys.

With her agency, Megan skillfully assists clients in developing their organic social media presence, enabling them to connect authentically with their target audience and drive business growth. Her expertise in sales, social media marketing, and her unwavering dedication to her clients make Megan a trusted ally in their pursuit of success.

Get ready to elevate your online presence and embark on a transformative journey with Megan Flanagan and 609 Media. Let Megan help you unlock the true potential of your business through effective communication and strategic social media management.


Our services

We offer a variety of Social Media services to suit your needs.​WE will assess your social media needs, determine what platforms will work best for your business goals, strategize a tactical plan, monitor your profiles, listen, then with using the most current analytic software, we will provide monthly feedback. Our main focus at 609 Media is social media.
I can build your website, but I don't want to...

I'd rather build your audience.

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